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Insights for Financial Advisors: Navigating Client Investment Preferences

Recent trends indicate that Americans continue to view real estate as the premier long-term investment. According to Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance survey conducted from April 1-22, 36% of Americans favor real estate, followed by stocks or mutual funds (22%), gold (18%), and savings accounts or CDs (13%). Bonds (4%) and cryptocurrency (3%) are seen as less attractive long-term investments.
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Adapt and Overcome: Alternative Investments In A Higher For Longer Rate Environment

If rates are higher for longer, are Alt's better than ever?

Given this weeks conflicting CPI and PPI reports, the chances of a higher for longer interest rate environment seem to be increasing. As we find ourselves in a situation where interest rates are expected to remain elevated over an extended period, there are several compelling reasons to consider alternative investments:

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