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Insights for Financial Advisors: Navigating Client Investment Preferences

Recent trends indicate that Americans continue to view real estate as the premier long-term investment. According to Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance survey conducted from April 1-22, 36% of Americans favor real estate, followed by stocks or mutual funds (22%), gold (18%), and savings accounts or CDs (13%). Bonds (4%) and cryptocurrency (3%) are seen as less attractive long-term investments.
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Adapt and Overcome: Alternative Investments In A Higher For Longer Rate Environment

If rates are higher for longer, are Alt's better than ever?

Given this weeks conflicting CPI and PPI reports, the chances of a higher for longer interest rate environment seem to be increasing. As we find ourselves in a situation where interest rates are expected to remain elevated over an extended period, there are several compelling reasons to consider alternative investments:

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‘Tis the Season(ality)

In the intricate tapestry of financial markets, seasoned professionals are well aware that patterns and trends often dictate investment strategies. One phenomenon that has piqued the interest of financial experts is the seasonality in the performance of stock and bond markets. As the calendar pages turn, so too do the fortunes of these markets, and understanding the reasons behind these seasonal fluctuations can provide valuable insights for investors.

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Credit where its due: The Rise of the Private Credit Market

According to recent article in Bloomberg, “Investors in private credit are currently getting better returns than they would from private equity, new data shows…” The private credit market, currently valued at $1.5 trillion, is anticipated to expand by nearly a trillion dollars in the next five years, making it a top consideration for investors.

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